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Maine Coon Line Drawing #1 Mug

Maine Coon Line Drawing #1 Mug

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So you have a Maine Coon. You're in the club. You're enjoying their chirrups, you're still in awe of their size, and you're covered in hair, but there's a problem; you can't find a Maine Coon mug anywhere that let's you show the world how much you love them.

Well that all ends here with this cat mug being emblazoned with the first gorgeous Maine Coon Line Drawing in our series. We've even put it on both sides of the mug for maximum exposure.

Not only is this Maine Coon mug dishwasher safe, allowing you to easily keep it clean, it is also microwave safe so you can warm up that cup of tea or coffee you made before your Maine Coon made you feed them again.

What is even better though, is that 10% of all profits will be donated to Cats Protection UK, so you can get that warm fuzzy feeling while making everyone aware of how much you love Maine Coons.

Buy your new mug now so you can sip in style while making a difference to cats in need.

Please note that this mug is a custom printed item. Unfortunately this means that we are not able to refund or exchange this item. We can only offer a replacement if the item is defective.

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